Dedicated to improving each and every patient’s quality of life.

Laurel Green Medical LLC. will be dedicated to producing world-class medical cannabis products. If granted a permit in Pennsylvania, our cultivation center will use sustainable growing techniques to facilitate the best species of the plant. We will oversee the production of our medicine from seed to sale; this allows us to offer more affordable prices to our patients across-the-board.

We are a team of health care professionals, horticultural experts and cannabis educators dedicated to improving each and every patient’s quality of life.

In addition, we will be committed and focused on medical high-grade products, concentrates, and healthy cannabis products. Quality control and standardized products will be our key to the efficacy of the medical response, and meeting state regulatory requirements to help patients obtain relief from their ailments or offer additional treatment options for their condition through a “Traditional Medicine” approach that incorporates cannabis, education, nutrition and other alternative treatments that are required for the global maintenance of health.

In 2016, The Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill legalizing cannabis for medically necessary purposes. Governor Tom Wolf supports the measure and the majority of Pennsylvania citizens back legalizing the medical use of cannabis and we will set the standard for legal compliance and operational transparency in the State of Pennsylvania.

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